Abby Wabbey T.

"Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess." - Edna Woolman Chase
Tortoise shell shades and vintage earrings

Tortoise shell shades and vintage earrings

A mended heart will never be the same as one that has never been broken before.

—Abby Wabbey T.

Falcon Enamelware

I need these to be in my kitchen some day…

Gone mad

It’s so utterly difficult to resist the Rilakkuma Cat series that will be released in October.

The plush toys of Rila and Korila in long cat bodies first caught my eye as they look so much like the long bodies of real cats!

The mini furry cat, tissue box and mat are soooo cute too!!!

Ahh.. Just when I thought I was done with Rilakkuma and the Shima Shima everyday collection.

I’ve placed an order for this and it will come later this year. More pics then :)) if anyone is keen to order, do let me know. Abbywabbeyt AT gmail.

A surprise from Lowlow :))

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma cars!!

All cars on the road should look like these 😂

The beds were so good that we really didn’t want to go.. but of course, we knew we had to.

When I said “so good”, it was an understatement. For the first time in Ah Low’s life, he witnessed the sleepy me sleep till 1+am and it was after 3 by the time I left the bed to go grab some lunch.

Final looks at Cocotte as we picked up a slice of really tall Carrot Cake and an Apple Galette.

A look at Cocotte at breakfast

Second breakfast at the Wanderlust

Breakfast was located within the hotel’s restaurant, Cocotte, voted one of Asia’s 500 best restaurants.

We were told that the croissants were specially flown in from Paris. I must say they were indeed yum.

I’ve also heard that French cuisine at Cocotte is good :)) we have yet to try but I’m sure we will someday.

The Mint Toy Museum