Abby Wabbey T.

"Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess." - Edna Woolman Chase

Polly pocket craze~

I look back to these vintage toys (1989-1994) and realize how much they reflect the things we see, experience and have in life: a dinner under the stars, children in a nursery, a water park with lazy river, the beach with a jetski, a traditional Japanese tea setting, ice skating within a mall, and best of all, a child-like belief in fairies. I also am reminded of we rolled out storyline after storyline, again and again, all from the imagination of my friends and I, that kept the play going - Early Childhood really is about more than just reading and writing. Plus, if Polly had to get somewhere, she would have to walk every step of the way (or bounce) - that’s how serious we were in play. ☺️

Amazingly, these playsets and the activities reflected in them are also some of the many things that I’ve come to 😍 and appreciate now as an adult.

I’m now vintage 😂

This month seems to be “toys month”.

Jason and I have been buying Takara Tomy Transformers and Rilakkuma goodies.

All one after the other.

The LOVE Arty Ring

My heart leapt when I saw the pink pouch - a signature pouch that would otherwise be black if not for a fact that it housed YSL’s Love Arty Ring.

Many thanks to Ah Low for roughing it up through the way-too-long road of finding this ring in my size and to Don for helping to bring this back from Australia together with my Angel Biba playsuit :))

I am one happy and lucky girl!

Angel Biba Love

An Angel Biba playsuit from Aussie :) been crazy about Aussie brands lately.. Some of which include Indikah, Lily Whyt, Paper Heart, Tigermist and Mika & Gala!

Sometimes when God has blessed you with good company, you enjoy it so much that you never want to be alone ever again. And when you have to be, the pain is almost unbearable. “Almost” only because we still have to bear with it and move on.

—Abby Wabbey T.

Tangs Market (cont’d)

Tangs Market (cont’d)

Tangs Market (cont’d)

Back at Tangs Market.

This time, we got to try Peranakan dishes with rice (they were sold out previously) and other goodies like a Sambal Udang puff-bun. I asked the towkay (boss) if he could sell us an extra serving of rice and he gladly did, except he insisted that it was on the house. He also put sambal on the side - which really punched a kick by the way. The last time we were there, he gave us one of their savouries to try too. I feel glad whenever I see someone who’s so proud about their food, and yes, I can’t help but feel surprised both times when he offered something more, and so passionately too.

The beef rendang was so tender it was amazing - it sort of tasted like a stew, where the taste of the meat was stronger than the rendang itself. Although I was more used to the Malay version, where the rendang tasted stronger than the beef, which is less tender than the Peranakan version, I can’t deny that the Peranakan version had it’s own merits :)

We also could not resist the steamed thick kaya toast cubes, which seemed to be available only at the Ya Kun branch at Tangs Market. We (or maybe I) spent the whole week craving for these steamies and we tried hunting for it at various Ya Kun branches, from 313 to City Square lol. Even the curry at Ya Kun was nicer than Toast Box’s.

We really had a ball of a (tummy) time!

See you again soon, Taipei! We love you as much as the new Havianas I bought from you ;)